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Realtika is a Limassol-based company specializing in the development of high-quality residential and commercial properties. Our core values revolve around utilizing expertise and a meticulous attention to detail, resulting in impeccably crafted properties in the most sought-after areas of Limassol.

Our team includes internationally acclaimed architects known for their work on prestigious projects such as shopping centres, residential complexes, and airports. This allows us to integrate cutting-edge technologies, innovative architectural concepts, modern design trends, and premium finishes into our developments. With a diverse portfolio across Limassol, we tailor our designs to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring that every project is unique and tailored to perfection.

Realtika embodies:

  1. Excellence in delivering premium and functional real estate across budget-friendly and luxury market segments.
  2. Dedication that lies not only in efficient construction but also in tailoring projects to meet clients’ preferences.
  3. Developments that are poised to offer lucrative investment opportunities and create transformative living spaces.


Our goal is to uphold high standards in real estate construction while prioritizing our clients’ needs. We are committed to turning innovative and bold ideas into reality, creating properties in Limassol that inspire a new way of living.


We strongly believe that the best results come from maintaining honesty and transparency throughout every stage of our projects. The Realtika team is forward-thinking, finding fulfilment in our work and client feedback.

Our Services

Realtika, a full-cycle development company, is poised to be your all-encompassing investment ally in Cyprus. Our array of services spans from identifying prime land parcels to project development, construction, marketing, sales, and asset management.⠀ With the support of prominent Cypriot legal professionals, we guarantee complete adherence to legislation and legal standards at all stages of our partnership. Alongside our construction and design offerings, we provide various post-sale services such as apartment refurbishments and finishing, as well as support with immigration and relocating your business to Cyprus.

Investments in Limassol

The soft climate, 340 days of sunshine annually, and the warm Mediterranean Sea are key factors driving a rising number of our clients towards property investments in Limassol, Cyprus. With approximately 1000 new companies establishing themselves on the Limassol annually, investments in both residential and commercial real estate sectors are experiencing significant growth.

European Country
Great Return on Investment
Lower Tax than other EU

Entrusting the management of such investments to professionals can turn the dream of living in Cyprus into a tangible reality.

Farmers are protesting in Cyprus

Cyprus cannot ignore the directives developed within the framework of the European Union's agricultural policy. However, the republic is able to provide support to farmers. This viewpoint was expressed by Christos Papapetrou, the head of the Pancyprian Farmers Union (PFU)...

A cruise liner is looking for employees

The Royal Caribbean Group has announced its intention to recruit a team for employment on a cruise liner. The company is seeking to hire employees from residents of the island, with specific roles including deck officers, electrical engineers, photographers, security staff...

Emergency rooms have been relieved

The new healthcare system has delivered positive outcomes, particularly since the introduction of an on-call doctor scheme in Cyprus in July 2023. According to Effie Kamitsi, the head of the Health Insurance Organization, Healthcare Centers are operating steadily...

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