Relocating to Cyprus

Over 200,000 residents from Europe and third countries have made the move to Cyprus. The majority of these individuals were drawn to the island for employment opportunities and the promise of improved living standards for their families, as reported by

Considering a relocation to Cyprus? Here are the essential steps to guide you towards your objective, ensuring a smooth transition without any financial or emotional setbacks.

Reasons to relocate your business to Cyprus


Find Your Property


Low Business Tax Rate


European Business Hub


Strategic Location


Known International Businesses


Fast Growing Economy


Significant exemptions


4th Largest Shipping Registry

Preparing to move

Initially, it is crucial to thoroughly familiarize yourself with Cyprus and strategize the timing and logistics of your relocation to the island. Prior to your move, it is recommended to determine your preferred city of residence, housing arrangements, and educational institution for your children. Develop a comprehensive financial plan encompassing living costs, tuition fees, healthcare expenses, and other financial commitments.

Visa Procedures

Depending on your circumstances, you may opt to apply for a tourist visa, student visa, work visa, or secure permanent residency through a real estate investment scheme. If the latter option is chosen, it is advisable to select the property of interest prior to your relocation.

How can we help?

You may wish to explore acquiring your own property in Cyprus prior to physically relocating, as this can be arranged remotely. Our experts will thoroughly assess your circumstances and provide guidance on key aspects of securing permanent residency in Cyprus. We will assist you in gathering and verifying all essential paperwork, as well as help you select a property from our portfolio in the thriving real estate market of Limassol.


When acquiring a property for residential or investment purposes, one can anticipate attaining resident status within a short span of time. This can be achieved by procuring real estate (sans governmental contributions), assembling necessary documentation, and lodging an application with the Department of Civil Registration and Migration. Typically, a verdict on the application is reached within a two-month period. Following a five-year period, residents have the potential to acquire Cypriot citizenship provided all prerequisites are satisfied. The acquisition of real estate presents a multitude of advantages, encompassing not only the luxury of residing in a comfortable abode with picturesque sea views but also the opportunity for residency in a secure and rapidly developing EU country.

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