Buying a property in Cyprus

The process of acquiring property in Cyprus is remarkably straightforward, presenting significantly less complexity compared to other jurisdictions. Realtika is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way, offering guidance and assistance tailored to your needs.

Buying Procedure in Cyprus


Highly Educated Workforce


Residency Requirements


Conclusion of the preliminary contract


Open a Cypriot Bank Account


Preparation of the sale contract


Document registration


Completion of mutual settlements


Obtaining of the Title Deed

Legal Assistance

Navigating the selection and purchase of real estate in Cyprus requires a deep understanding of local laws, customs, and the real estate market. Our team will provide comprehensive support throughout the transaction process, from detailed consultations to overseeing banking operations and handling paperwork.

Property management

In addition to assisting with property acquisition in Limassol, Cyprus, we offer post-sale services to ensure your investment remains well-maintained. Whether you are absent or present year-round, we help maintain properties in top condition. Furthermore, we can assist in generating passive income and securing guaranteed profits by facilitating short-term rentals worldwide.

Engineering and design services

Elevate the appeal of your villa or apartment for both residential use and rental purposes by enlisting our team of skilled designers. They are equipped to craft exclusive renovation and decor plans, bespoke furniture designs, and tailored landscape concepts to enhance your property.

Addressing migration challenges

Investing in real estate not only offers a lucrative return, but also serves as a pathway to securing a residency permit in Cyprus. Our expert advisors offer consultations and guide you in selecting an investment property that fulfils the requirements for obtaining a residency permit.

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