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The Republic of Cyprus emerges as a leading choice for investment, specifically in the real estate industry. Choosing to invest in Cyprus is supported by a range of compelling reasons, such as strong economic performance, favourable tax regulations, and attractive interest rates.
The government’s focus is on encouraging greater foreign investment, creating a positive atmosphere for investors. Realtika presents appealing investment prospects that promise returns of 30% or higher, guaranteeing steady and profitable financial outcomes.


Great Return on Investment

Lower Tax than other EU Countries


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Key Investment Benefits

  • Enjoy a competitive income tax rate of 12.5% in Cyprus, outperforming rates in other European jurisdictions.
  • Exempt from property, inheritance, and investment sales taxes.
  • Government initiatives are swiftly responsive, fostering investment inflows and improving residency permit schemes.
  • Experience guaranteed life security and stability.


Within the realm of investments, two crucial metrics carry significant weight. The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) serves as a key indicator of profitability. A higher IRR signifies increased financial attractiveness, facilitating profit growth and the ability to secure funding with reduced capital. When the rate surpasses the IRR, a guaranteed profit becomes feasible.


Return on Investment (ROI) provides insight into the return rate on investments, serving as a benchmark to assess project or product profitability. Realtika commits to an ROI range of 30% to 80%, ensuring the achievement of substantial investment returns.

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Our team is ever-present to assist you throughout the investment process in Cyprus, which may encounter some bumps along the way. Any challenges that arise can be effectively addressed by seeking the guidance of experienced professionals. Realtika remains readily available to help you choose a lucrative investment property, compile necessary documentation, and address any queries you may have.

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Investing In Cyprus

Purchasing real estate in Cyprus is a straightforward process, below we look at some of the finer details.

01 Reservation

02 Lawyer Appointment

03 Conveyance Due Diligence

04 Contract Negotiation

05 Application For Reduced VAT

06 Registration of Contract to Land Registry

07 Immovable Property Permission (if applicable)

08 Transfer of Title Deeds

09 Property Taxes

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