Cyprus Permanent Residency

Through the acquisition of real estate in Cyprus, individuals gain entry to secure, lucrative investment opportunities characterized by the potential for rental returns and securing a permanent residency permit.

A minimum investment of €300,000 (excluding VAT) is required in specified investment categories.

Houses or apartments

When choosing to invest in a house or apartment, a payment of 300,000 euros plus VAT must be made to the respective company or seller/developer prior to application submission. This investment sum must be transferred from abroad originating from the primary applicant’s personal bank account or that of their spouse, should the spouse be a dependent on the main applicant’s application. Real estate purchases can be approved even if conducted through a legal entity where the applicant and/or their spouse are the sole shareholders or ultimate beneficiaries, subject to the entity’s lawful establishment in any EU Member State. A maximum of two properties can be acquired for 300,000 euros plus VAT.

Alternative Investment Options

Diversifying your investment portfolio, you have the opportunity to explore commercial real estate ventures encompassing offices, shops, and hotels. The investment threshold remains at 300,000 euros, enabling the purchase of properties within both the primary and secondary markets.

Participation in Company Share Capital

Embracing the share capital of a Cypriot enterprise with established operations and personnel within Cyprus is a viable investment avenue. Two pathways are available: an initial 300,000 euro investment in the share capital of a new company, or a 300,000 euro infusion into the share capital of an existing entity. Essential criteria entail company registration and operation in Cyprus, substantiated by tangible evidence and a workforce of at least 5 employees.

Equity Investment

Further, an allocation of 300,000 euros towards shares in a Cyprus Investment Institution for Collective Investment (AIF, AIFLNP, RAIF) presents another investment opportunity to be considered.

Investment Criteria

Applicants must demonstrate a proven, stable, and guaranteed personal annual income of no less than 50,000 euros, with an additional 15,000 euros required for a spouse and 10,000 euros for each minor child of the applicant and/or their spouse. Only a tax return will be accepted as verification. Furthermore, applicants have the option to include adult children under the age of 25, provided they are students and financially reliant on their parents. However, the applicant’s parents and legal guardians are not eligible for inclusion. Adult children above the age of 25 may also be considered, but in such instances, the investment threshold will be higher. The annual income requirement remains at 50,000 euros, with an additional 15,000 euros for a spouse and 10,000 euros for each minor child.

Relocating your business to Cyprus

Relocating your business to Cyprus offers an opportunity to take advantage of one of the most economically free environments in the European Union. The favourable conditions for establishing and operating a business include no double taxation, simplified hiring processes, access to funding from the European Union, reduced tax rates, and the absence of language barriers.

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