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Realtika, a full-cycle development company, is poised to be your all-encompassing investment ally in Cyprus. Our array of services spans from identifying prime land parcels to project development, construction, marketing, sales, and asset management.

With the support of prominent Cypriot legal professionals, we guarantee complete adherence to legislation and legal standards at all stages of our partnership. Alongside our construction and design offerings, we provide various post-sale services such as apartment refurbishments and finishing, as well as support with immigration and relocating your business to Cyprus.

Project development and
architectural design

With a wealth of experience in project development and consultancy services, we transform your desires into tangible reality by crafting ergonomic, contemporary, and unique architectural solutions for both residential properties and commercial real estate. Our design work encompasses the formulation of comprehensive technical specifications that outline construction methods, necessary materials, and operational procedures. The ultimate project documentation comprises a breakdown of material costs, service charges, and the overall project expenditure. Our architects boast vast expertise in conceiving intricate architectural designs, spanning from residential developments in Cyprus to the architectural layout of structures for retail hubs and airport facilities.


Realtika operates as a property development and management entity located in Limassol, Cyprus. Holding ISO certification, our company assures the trustworthiness and safety of all our ventures. The construction phase encompasses tasks such as establishing utilities, laying foundations, constructing walls, ceilings, and roofs, fitting windows and doors, and installing durable fencing and structures. Throughout the construction process, meticulous supervision of the operations is conducted, and pertinent documentation is duly endorsed.

Interior Design

We specialize in the development of properties spanning from mid-range to luxury, allowing our talented designers to create cutting-edge and unique interior designs. Through partnerships with top furniture suppliers in Cyprus, we offer clients a wide range of choices for furnishing their homes. Should local resources on the island not meet your needs, we have the capability to source and collaborate with experts from abroad, thanks to our reliable network of partners not only in Cyprus but also throughout Europe.

Renovation and
finishing solutions

Transforming an architectural vision into a tangible reality entails more than simply constructing a residential or commercial structure. Exemplary finishing and repair works are essential. With over a decade of experience in the field, our specialists execute projects within specified timelines, employing cutting-edge equipment and safe materials. In addition to comprehensive building renovations, our offerings encompass architectural and technical design services, interior and exterior design solutions, landscape design and garden maintenance, construction of pergolas and barbecue areas, as well as maintenance and renovation of swimming pools.

Property management

Realtika manages the investment portfolios of property owners, providing comprehensive post-acquisition services in the real estate sector. Our offerings include post-sales property maintenance, rental management, regular upkeep, insurance coordination, and support with resale transactions. To safeguard the profitability of your investment and guarantee that your acquired property delivers both enjoyment and financial returns, we are committed to meticulous attention to detail and the secure execution of all tasks.


Realtika manages the entire investment journey, from acquiring land to planning, designing, constructing, marketing, selling, and managing assets. Our team includes highly skilled legal experts from Limassol, Cyprus, as well as auditors, architects, and engineers. We are at your service every day to discuss a variety of real estate matters such as permits, land acquisition, construction, finishing details, and after-sales support.


By investing in real estate in Limassol, Cyprus, you have the opportunity to secure a prestigious residency permit alongside a luxurious apartment boasting stunning sea or mountain vistas. It is imperative that the property’s value meets or exceeds €300,000 (plus VAT – either 19% or 5%). The application process for the residency permit typically requires 3-4 months for completion. Numerous individuals have successfully leveraged this advantageous option, and now, the opportunity beckons for your consideration!

Investments in Limassol

The soft climate, 340 days of sunshine annually, and the warm Mediterranean Sea are key factors driving a rising number of our clients towards property investments in Limassol, Cyprus. With approximately 1000 new companies establishing themselves on the Limassol annually, investments in both residential and commercial real estate sectors are experiencing significant growth.

European Country
Great Return on Investment
Lower Tax than other EU

Entrusting the management of such investments to professionals can turn the dream of living in Cyprus into a tangible reality.

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A cruise liner is looking for employees

The Royal Caribbean Group has announced its intention to recruit a team for employment on a cruise liner. The company is seeking to hire employees from residents of the island, with specific roles including deck officers, electrical engineers, photographers, security staff...

Emergency rooms have been relieved

The new healthcare system has delivered positive outcomes, particularly since the introduction of an on-call doctor scheme in Cyprus in July 2023. According to Effie Kamitsi, the head of the Health Insurance Organization, Healthcare Centers are operating steadily...

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